Some Words About us

Diva Cleaning Service, is Pattaya professional cleaning service company; providing a cleaning service in Pattaya city. Proving home cleaning, condos, hotels, villas, offices and residential buildings throughout Pattaya City, We services from Nakalue, Central Pattaya, South Pattaya, Pattaya Hill, Jomtien area and Najomtien areas.

Whenever you need a regular cleaning, deep cleaning or check out cleaning, our team of reliable efficient cleaners will make your home sparkle. Also, we provide a wide variety of related services.

Diva also offers a check-in and check-out service, as Pattaya is one of the most popular tourist destination in the world and Pattaya is a land of an opportunity for the investors, as you have invest in a real estate here in Pattaya, we offers a Check in – Out services to our client who’s rent their property frequently.  You can manage your property anywhere in the world, Let Diva be part of your investment.

Diva Cleaning Service is a family owned and operated maintenance and cleaning service where you can be assured of quality, great service, and customer satisfaction every time. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our services.

Diva Cleaning Service is dedicated to shortening your to-do list, so you can worry about more important things. Though our specialty is centered on residential service.


Diva Vision has always involved giving our clients the best value for their investment. We Diva Cleaning Service specialize in office and residential cleaning using the latest and safest products available on the market today.

Commitment to excellence, honesty, reliability, quality and savings is what this company was built on. With Diva Cleaning Service, you can have the best of both worlds; price and quality services.

When you use Diva Cleaning Service, you will realize why our customers are happy to stay with the company you can depend on and trust.


Diva Cleaning Service, our mission is to ensure our customers receive the highest quality service they expect from a professional company. This is done by holding our staff to the highest standards and guaranteeing our work 100% satisfaction.

Our fundamental belief in integrity is what this company was built on and we make sure to continue to live by that every day to make sure our customers work, and live in the cleanest environment possible.

Company History


Diva Performance in 2015

Diva Cleaning Service, is a family owned and stated company since 2015.  Diva when we first launched the company was to concentrate on only the residential cleaning services in Pattaya city areas, which cover from Nakalua to Jomtien areas.

The services are available to residents within Pattaya City area, with several different cleaning options including basic regular, deep, and schedule weekly cleaning services.

We are flexible and will work with your busy schedule. To accommodate our clientele, we offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning schedules.


Diva Performance in 2016

As Diva has has successfully meet our goal in the first year of 2015 in cleaning industry providing cleaning service in Pattaya. in 2016 Diva has expanding our service to the office cleaning services  and a check in – out cleaning for a holiday rental company.

As Diva has met a new opportunity in Pattaya city in 2016, with the booming of the real estate market. We have introduce our company to a new level of the cleaning business, which is a cleaning for a holiday rental company.

In 2016, Diva has successfully provided the cleaning for many holiday rentals companies in town. We’ve been working with one of the biggest holiday rentals in town. We’ve realize how important our role in this industry, we’ve been improving our services in every aspect to meet our partner expectations in every areas.

Not only that Diva provides a check in – out cleaning for the holiday rental companies, Diva also provide a check in – out services to help our client who manage their property from abroad. Which has been successfully done for the past years.

Office Cleaning


Diva with the new opportunity in the land of an opportunity!!

As Diva has successfully managing the cleaning for the holiday rental company in Pattaya City in 2016. Now it’s time for Diva to expanding our services to the next level.

We’re proudly present our new service to offer our service to the hotel industry, Diva offer our cleaning to the hotel and condo, we provide our maids to clean the common areas in the hotel, condo and the residential ares.



Miss May

May is the founder of Diva Cleaning Service



Miss Jhum

Miss. Jhum is Diva’s site manager

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